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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EOC Kiwanis Interclub Round Robin - ACHIEVED!

The EOC Kiwanis has achieved a major accomplishment - the coveted "Round Robin" award!  Round Robin distinction is given to a Kiwanis club that visits all other Kiwanis clubs in its division.  EOC Kiwanis visited all 13 other Kiwanis clubs in Division 10, as well as a visit to the Aktion Club of Winter Park, to earn the Round Robin award.  CONGRATULATIONS to all of our club members!

Achieving the Round Robin would not have been possible without the efforts of the following individuals who attended our Interclubs:  Brent Hambly (10 Interclubs), Prairy Riehl (7), Judy Stewart (6), Jeremy Riehl (6), Stacy Peterson (5), Mike Murray (4), Daryl Flynn (2), Gene Leonard (2), Sean Osmond (2), Wanda Smith (2), Yoli Figueroa (1), Jeannette Gabay (1), Tim Clark (1), Beth Paris (1), George Langguth (1), Ann Langguth (1)...and our Interclub "All-Star" Jan Henson with 11 Interclubs!!

Interclubs bring Kiwanians together to establish relationships for future projects and share the successes that each club has achieved. Thank you all for making fellowship and relationship-building with other Kiwanis clubs a priority!  And a special thanks to Sean, Gene, and Beth, who have attended several Interclubs since they "officially" joined EOC Kiwanis recently!