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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

K-Family Dinner

Last night, over 150 people gathered at Legacy Middle School as representatives of 10 local schools. We shared a delicious meal, cooked by Jan Henson, while the students explained what they planned for this year as members of their school community service organization. In the Elementary level we call these clubs K-Kids; in the Middle School level we call these clubs Builders Clubs; in the High School level they are Key Clubs, and in the college level they are CKI. These groups have amazing plans for this year as they make a positive difference in their schools and communities. We were also blessed to hear from Liz Callaway about the Paper Retriever Program. Bring all of your paper to a large green and yellow dumpster located at your nearby school, and your school will earn some money while you help the environment. Check out our pictures of the event in the slideshow at the left.

A very big Thank You to Ms. Robillard and the Legacy Middle School Builders Club for hosting this event! You made us feel very welcomed!

Thank you to the schools listed below for being able to attend this important event and inspire us to work hard throughout the year to ensure that you are supported! We look forward to seeing you accomplish great things this year!


Builders Club
Corner Lake
Union Park

Key Club
East River


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