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Sunday, November 7, 2010

EOC Kiwanis Turns Students Into Student-Leaders

Developing young leaders is at the core of what we do in Kiwanis.  On Saturday, Nov. 6th, the Kiwanis Club of East Orange County held its annual Service Leadership Club (SLC) Officer Training to do just that.

Many of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and other Officers representing K-Kids, Builders Clubs, and Key Clubs from across Orange County gathered together to learn what it means to be leaders in their community.  EOC Kiwanis President Prairy Riehl started things off with a fun icebreaker, which involved (believe it or not) a combination of memorization and dance moves.  EOC Kiwanis member Sean Osmond then educated the SLC Officers on "The 11 Principles of Leadership", derived from US Marine Corps Officer Training.  This valuable information laid the foundation for the remainder of the afternoon.

The group was divided into smaller groups by role to discuss their individual responsibilities as Kiwanis SLC Officers.  The student-officers learned how to properly conduct their meetings and the value of having an agenda prepared prior to each meeting.  The small groups were then re-organized groups to discuss things such as committees, fundraising, meeting activities, awards and recognition, and our Kiwanis Worldwide Service Project.  The group learned from each other and shared ideas through lively discussion.  To round out the afternoon, each SLC Officer was given the opportunity to share one thing they learned and one thing that they will take back to their clubs and work on.

Giving back to the East Orange County community is what the EOC Kiwanis club is all about, and SLC Officer training has equipped these bright young minds with the knowledge and ideas needed to take their service to the EOC community to the next level.

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