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Sunday, November 3, 2013

East Orange County Kiwanis Retires and Installs Club Leaders

The 2012-2013 East Orange County Kiwanis board was retired and the 2013-2014 board was officially installed during a ceremony held on Sunday, October 20, 2013.  The ceremony was led by Division 10 Lt. Governor Barry Rigby.  The festivities were held at Daryl's beautiful lake house pavilion and Chef Jim cooked up delicious gumbo, jambalaya, and bread pudding.

EOC Kiwanis Board              2012-2013                            2013-2014
President                               Stacy Vu                              Sean Osmond
Vice President                        Sharlene Dewitz                  Joe McKinney
President-Elect                      Sean Osmond                       Sharlene Dewitz
Secretary                               Beth Paris/Alix Saakes         Alix Saakes
Treasurer                              Jeannette Gabay                  Jeremy Riehl
Past President                       Gene Leonard                      Stacy Vu
Directors                               Brent Hambly                       Brent Hambly
            Phyllis Murray                      Phyllis Murray
            Diane Carter                         Diane Carter
            Joe McKinney                       Chris Gullette
            Jeremy Riehl                         Prairy Riehl
            LuAnn Leonard                    Jeannette Gabay

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