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Monday, October 10, 2011

2011-2012 Officer Installation Banquet

The Kiwanis Club of East Orange County held our Officer Installation Banquet this past Saturday, October 8th. Everyone enjoyed the social, pot-luck dinner, and dessert prior to the ceremony – especially the Kiwanis cake made by Sean’s wife Stephanie! The ceremony began with the current year’s officers being thanked for their year of service and retired, followed by the installation of this year’s officers:

2010-2011 Officers (Outgoing) – Thank You!
President:  Prairy Riehl
President-Elect:  Christine Stewart
Vice President:  Brent Hambly
Secretary:  Stacy Peterson
Treasurer:  Jeannette Gabay
Past President:  Judy Stewart
Directors:  Timothy Clark, Daryl Flynn, Phyllis Murray, Jim Wright, Jeremy Riehl, Jan Henson

2011-2012 Officers (Incoming) – Godspeed!
President:  Gene Leonard
President-Elect:  Stacy Peterson
Vice President:  Sean Osmond
Secretary: Beth Paris
Treasurer:  Jeannette Gabay
Past President:  Prairy Riehl
Directors:  Timothy Clark, Daryl Flynn, Phyllis Murray, Jeremy Ayala, Brent Hambly, Christine Stewart

Numerous awards were presented to our club members and officers for their excellent service this year – including some beautiful plaques coordinated by George Langguth. This year was one of great accomplishment and growth for our club, and we couldn’t have done it without the exceptional leadership we had this year. The President’s torch was then passed from Prairy Riehl to Gene Leonard, who gave us a few words (and warnings) about the upcoming year. Best of luck to all of our incoming officers – may you flourish and take the club to the next level in 2011-2012!

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