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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sunrise K-Kids Book Collection is a Success!

submitted by Jeannette Gabay, Kiwanis Advisor

The Sunrise Elementary K-kids, all eighteen of them with their Advisor Sally Castrianni and Anna Santos, are having success with their first service project for the new school year, which will be completed at the end of October. So far they have collected 504 used books for the kids at Ivey Lane Elementary School located in the Washington Shore area of Orlando. Those kids will be able to choose from the collection, take home, and read the book(s). Ms. Castrianni explained that the children at Ivey Lane rarely get the opportunity to have a book of their own and they would greatly appreciate having books they can take home and read. See pictures of the K-kids counting and organizing book collection. Check out the Kiwanis K-Kids shirts they are sporting also!

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